Updated Dropbox desktop client

A couple of days ago Dropbox released a new version of their desktop client. The main purpose of the new version is to improve the transfer performance of large files, over 16 MB.

Dropbox streaming sync

This new file-sync technology is called “streaming sync” and it is supposed to give the user a better experience when streaming content. Before “streaming sync” was released file transfers with Dropbox was separated in distinct upload and download streams meaning that a file needed to be completely uploaded before it was available for other users. With the new technology these streams can be overlapped giving users access to faster streaming. Users should see between 1.25x to 2x faster downloads after the update.

“Streaming sync” is not the only new feature in the update that also introduces support for four new languages and a scrollable menu for notifications giving users a better overview of things happening in their Dropbox account.

Things are really heating up in the cloud storing business with Amazon launching their there online storing service just days ago. This continuous increasing in competition will push the actors in the market to keep developing new features. More information about the Dropbox desktop client update can be found here.

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