Uploading pictures in Facebook with a Snapchat air

Facebook decided to go with a slightly different way of uploading pictures, when using devices with either iOS or Android operating system.

The new way that Facebook suggests to upload pictures reminds the users of Snapchat in many ways. For instance, when a picture is uploaded, the user can add text, filters, stickers and emoji that can vary in size. According to Digital Trends, the new features of Facebook are already being tested on devices that run with iOS.

At this point it is worth noting that Facebook had tried buying Snapchat in the past, but eventually the proposal was denied by Snapchat, a company whose owners stated at that point, that their ultimate goal is not to make some easy and quick money, but to make an actual change to the way people share and receive news. And just for the record, it is something that they seem to live up to so far, especially after they collaboration that was signed between the company and major news agencies all around the world.

Ever since, Facebook has been trying to add to its interface clued that can be found on Snapchat. There many who talk about Facebook copying Snapchat on too many features, like Mashable, which concludes that this is the reason the big social network didn’t make a fuss about its new feature. According to Mashable, perhaps Facebook hoped that by keeping things silent no one would notice.

ON the left corner of the interface of Facebook’s pics uploading app, there is an icon with a magic wand, that opens the menu of all the individual editing options, while with swipe one can crop the image.

Despite Facebook ambitions, the fact that the great social network has been copying Snapchat on various features, has not gone unnoticed as you can see. So now we expect to see Snapchat’s move against Facebook. Maybe Snapchat will prefer to do nothing for its own reasons (perhaps the company stands to lose more than it has to gain) or maybe we’ll witness anew dispute opening up and two more companies becoming enemies like so many others (Microsoft-Apple, Samsung-Apple, etc.). Stay tuned to read all the latest news about this and many other hot topics!

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