The US is an ‘enemy of the internet’


Every year, Reporters Without Borders published a list of “Enemies of the Internet,”, drawing attention to those countries that disrupt freedom of information by way of propaganda, surveillance and censorship. For the first time, the United States of America has made the list.

Given all the revelations that have come about by way of Edward Snowden, it is not surprising to see the US on the list, but it sends a powerful message to see the US on the same list as the likes of Cuba, Iran and North Korea. However, the US isn’t the only superpower making the list, the UK and India has been accused of mass surveillance, whilst Russia gets on the list for mass surveillance and censorship.

Reporters without Borders notes that government agencies like the NSA, rather than entire governments, may be the “enemies” in question, but the organization seems to worry that those governments are setting a bad example by tolerating such behavior:

“The mass surveillance methods employed in these three countries, many of them exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, are all the more intolerable because they will be used and indeed are already being used by authoritarians countries such as Iran, China, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to justify their own violations of freedom of information.”

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