How to use a free VPN to secure your data and privacy

People are becoming more and more concerned about their privacy and browsing habits. The worry cause range from the search engines which use your browsing data to show you the ads to the governments who sniff your data in the names of national security. No one is comfortable knowing everything they do while on Internet is being tracked and stored. Here is where anonymity networks come in place. There are a lot of ways by which you can stop others from seeing your data. Each methods come with both advantages and disadvantages. For now I am going to write about VPN – Virtual Private Networks and how you can use it to make your data and browsing habits secure.

The one major disadvantage of using VPNs is their cost. Most of the VPN services come with a cost which a lot of people are not comfortable with. But you will be amazed to know that there are a number of free VPNs too. But then there is this ultimate question, why would anyone want to give away free VPN services? The answer is there are some people who just want to help others. Most of these free VPN service providers will have donation buttons using which you can donate to them if you think you have been very happy with their services.

Now when it comes to VPNs there are a number of types of VPNs from which you will have to carefully select a type. There is a type of VPN which uses PPTP which is not really secure and the encryption which is being used in this has already been cracked. So be sure to check the type of VPN before start using it. Now without further ado let me start how you can use free VPN for securing your data.

The free VPN here I am writing about is called and it uses openvpn technology which is really secure and uses Blowfish 128 bit algorithm.

VPNFREE_IN - Free VPN Service

  • Open VPN FreeClick on the access server radio button to select that and then enter the VPN IP which you got by subscribing the newsletter at Then press Import button.
  • Open VPN Free ImportNow enter the username and password which you got by subscribing the newsletter and then select “User Locked Profile.” Then click on Import.
  • Open VPN Free 3Double Click the newly created profile. This VPN profile has now been saved and you can connect to it in OpenVPN whenever you like provided you have the latest username/password combination.
  • Enter the VPN’s username/password combination (from step 2) and click “Remember Password during this connection”.
  • Login. If you have connected to successfully then your IP should have changed to the VPN IP. To test this click here. If your IP has not changed. Disconnect and reconnect and restart your browser.
  • Ensure you disconnect when your VPN use is complete.

Open VPN Free DisconnectThat’s it. I hope I was clear enough. Feel free to comment below in case of any doubts or suggestions. Enjoy the secured browsing.

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