How to use tor for anonymity

How to use TOR10 years ago most people didn’t really care about anonymity and privacy on internet. But things are different now as more and more people/organizations keeps tracking peoples info and use it against them for various reasons. Technology has huge importance in today’s world and if you have access to ones internet life, then you can know almost all the tiny details about that person. This has made people worry about their privacy and a lot of people are wanting to stay anonymous while using internet. This made the need for services which can provide anonymity. Now there are more than just a few technologies which can make your internet life anonymous and private.

We had published an article on how to use VPN for anonymity and keeping your data secure. But there are only a very few VPN services which are free to use, so that is not an option for many people as many people look for free services which they can depend on. TOR is such an option and a technology which can be used freely which can provide very good anonymity. In this tutorial I am writing about how to use for anonymity and securing your browsing habits from organizations and people who sniff/track your private data.

TOR is a free and open source technology which will prevent others from learning your location or browsing habits and can be used with web browsers, instant messaging clients, and more. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and Android. So lets start.

  • Download TOR Vidalia browser bundle – Portable. (Link)
  • The downloaded file is a self extractor. So open the downloaded file and click next until you have extracted it to any location you want.


  • Click on install finally and then once it is finished click on finish.
  • Now open the extracted folder and open the file named “Start Tor Browser”.


  • Then click on the “Connect” button. If you have to configure your network, then click on the configure button instead of connect.


  • Wait till you are connected to TOR network, once it is finished it will open a browser window automatically.


  • Now try going to and it will show a different ip address when compared to your original ip. You can view your original IP address by going to the same URL from any of your browser which is installed on your system.


Now while using TOR there are somethings to be careful if you would like to remain anonymous. Some scripts on webpages can reveal your original IP, so TOR browser blocks all the scripts on a webpage. But if you’re sure about website’s data policy you can disable the script blocker by clicking on the noscript button on the TOR browser. See the below screenshot to know how to do that. Once you’re done, you can start blocking all the websites by clicking on the same button. Flash contents are also known to reveal your IP, so beware while using those types of websites too. If you’re downloading any files from internet, make sure the file is free from any malware and use it only while you’re offline.


I hope I was clear enough. Of course to make you more anonymous you can use a free VPN and then use TOR as an added layer of security. Like always we welcome all comments, so feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below.

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