“Value my CV”

There are a lot of people out there who are searching for a job. And if you want a job, you have to get through an interview first. But that is the first test where most applicants fail. That is especially when the HR asks you about the salary that you think is suitable for you according to your CV (or your education).

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then your trouble comes to an end. There is a new app available that can solve this problem for you so that you always know what to answer to that tricky question from now on. The “Value my CV” app checks you CV which should contain your education, your previous working experience, and your skillset. That way you can get an average salary for all of the above according to the market.

So all you have to do is upload your CV and wait for the salary that should go with it. And the best thing is, you can forward the result directly to your boss. Well we’re not sure if it is the best thing to do, or whether you’ll get an answer or not, but still it is a nice feature to have available in any case.

Now let’s be clear. This app is not telling you the minimum or maximum amount of money that you should get paid to do your job. It’s just good enough to give an average idea of the salaries one can find on the market depending on one’s CV. So use the app just for that, or you might end up turning down some pretty good job offers.

Some of the tool’s features are:

  • Uses text mining to extract data about experience and skills from a CV
  • Calculates potential salaries based on the current job market
  • Offers the option to email the result to your current boss and also uses your resume to suggest alternative careers

It was built by Adzuna, a jobs search engine based in the United Kingdom that operates websites in 11 countries.

Try the app now to find out what you’re worth in the job market. It could be your gateway to that pay rise you’ve been after for so long. Or it could give your boss a good excuse to cut your salary.