Valve decides to Pull out


Valve has decided not to attend the CES 2015, this was confirmed the Vice President of Valve and seems like one of those decisions that have a clear purpose .Doug Lombardi wants to prepare for the GDC 2015 for a bigger steam machine presence

At this point we are not sure if other companies besides Valve will be presenting steam machines at the GDC 2015 due in March. Although we can guess that there will other partners with the portal makers myriad steam box presence at the annual game conference

There’s still the possibility for Steam Machine makers other than Valve to show off their wares at CES in January, but Valve can be counted out.

One year can make all the difference

Without a shadow of a doubt, the steam machine is one of the most exciting products to come out on CES 2014. Gabe Newell the Co-Founder of Valve hosted a press conference at the show where he revealed that other companies (about a dozen) are going make steam machines with different sizes, prices and various specs. Giants like  Alienware, Gigabyte and Maingear are the notable companies who will be associating themselves  with steam machines.

We don’t know where the future will take the steam machines but we now know that it will be an exciting prospect for steam machines and for gamers all around the world

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