VAMP project is sending Drones to Venus

The idea of exploring planet Venus is extremely charming and project Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform, also known as VAMP, wants to make sure this idea comes to life.

VAMP belongs to Northorp Grumman, a company that builds drones (among many other tasks) while its interest lies now on how their researchers will be able to study the elements of the atmosphere and the situations that occur on the second closest to the sun planet, Venus. Project VAMP includes the sending of the appropriate drone, the one that will have the shape of a flying wing, a shape similar to other models that the company has presented in the past.


The drone that will fill VAMP’s needs will be put on an orbit around Venus with a special platform. There, the craft will distend and then it will start moving as a small aircraft, making various kinds of scientific observations. It will also be equipped with small helices that will function with solar energy. The creators of the aircraft mention that it will be able to function normally and effectively for twelve months.

According to Slashgear, specialists from the United States and Europe are working together for the settlement of technical issues that occur in the process of building the aircraft. At the same time, the first flight of VAMP project’s drone has not yet been scheduled die to those technical issues. It is worth noting that besides Venus, the said drone is destined to be used for Mars and Titan as well.vamp-venus-airship-600x440

Given that Venus has never been explored from that close distance before, scientists remain uncertain about what they may discover while observing the surface. Maybe they will find nothing of big importance or perhaps they will make a radical discovery that will change the world at some point. Everything must be expected. The sure thing is that with each journey we make to space we come closer to unlocking the secrets and laws of the universe. And who knows, maybe a few decades from now, we will find ourselves in a situation similar to the one the world of the movie Interstellar went through. That would be a good time to have unlocked more secrets and laws of the universe than we have unlocked so far!

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