Vebbler, an exclusive look and interview by TechNewsCentral

Recently, myself and my fellow editor, Plato had the opportunity to have a chat to the founder of a social network start-up out of India that goes by the name of Vebbler.

Now you may be thinking “Oh, another social network I’ll look at for five minutes and never return to” but you’d be so wrong to think that about Vebbler. We spoke to the founder, Sahil Bhagat, and talked about how Vebbler is different to other social networks out there and just why you should stick around.

As well as speaking to the founder, we managed to get an exclusive look into the invite-only beta stage of the site, and we were left wanting more. The site itself has been designed from the ground up to offer a very different social media experience, unlike any you’ve previously had. So sit back, and enjoy as TechNewsCentral gets an exclusive look at Vebbler!

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Another faceless corporate giant, or is it?

It’s no secret that most, if not all social networks today are out there to grab some advertising revenue from its users. Facebook plasters ‘sponsored posts’ all over the place, whilst Twitter has ‘Promted’content. Don’t get me wrong, I understand sites need money, but as a social network, shouldn’t the users factor into the equation? I feel that most networks are now more impersonal than ever, they’ve lost sight of connecting people and forging new relationships. So, naturally I put this question to Sahil, how does Vebbler address these issues? Is Vebbler going to be another corporate giant grabbing money left, right and center?

When I asked Sahil about this, it was a delight to hear the passion in his voice when he explained his company mission, “Vebbler’s mission is to create a world where people have more meaningful conversations with different relationships. Every day, you play different roles with different people. You could be someone’s boss, or someone’s employee, back home you could be a mother, father, son or daughter. We interact differently with different people in real life, so why can’t we do that online?”

Vebbler Privacy

He further added that “We designed our crowd layering model so that you can share aspects of your life with the right people, without other aspects going to the wrong people. You wouldn’t want your boss seeing all your pictures from when you’re a child would you? Similarly, your family probably don’t want to see you writing a document at work!”

When talking to Sahil, I got a real sense that he really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and change how we interact with one another. A quote from Vebbler’s own site puts it best, “Vebbler is a personal social networking where you can connect with the people who matter most to you”.Alot of what we’ve heard and seen today point to the fact that Vebbler want to be different, they care about the user and fostering an environment where people can interact with one another whilst being themselves.

What about my privacy?

Vebbler Privacy

With all the privacy issues surrounding social networks now-a-days, that was a big question on our mind when we were talking to Sahil. We wanted to know how Vebbler does away with typical privacy concerns that people usually have, such as having a boss seeing that embarrassing picture of you in your underwear after a party!

Sahil responded with an explanation of how Vebbler has what he calls “layering technology”, a nice little name I’m sure you’ll agree. “Vebbler was designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. No random person can tag you in pictures, you need to give somebody the authority to do that,” He added that “From the moment you add someone, you are in control of what they can see or do. You can add them to your layer, or not, avoiding that worry of sharing the wrong thing with the wrong person!”

What’s different about you then?

People don’t want to just log on to yet another site with small design changes but the same features anymore, they want something different. We’ve seen with other social network sites out there, like Dubbler, that something different can be a good thing to get new people coming in, but what does Vebbler do different?

Well, with Vebbler, hashtags are out the window for one thing! On Vebbler, you won’t find people obnoxiously going “#Good #Day #at #the #park!” or anything like that, no no, because on Vebbler, they use ‘Wavetags’. Wavetags are like hashtags in the way that they allow you to see what people are saying about a certain subject but Wavetags also allows you to find just how many people are talking about a subject, who is posting what photos or videos and best of all, a real-time feed. You can also follow Wavetags to keep up-to-date with what people are saying about that topic. Pretty nifty, huh?


Also, are you fed up of the constant design changes on Facebook? Settings being moved around all over the place against your will? Vebbler’s core value is to have a visually stunning platform. That’s plain to see when you actually use the site itself, everything is simple, everything is easy. We asked Sahil just what he thinks makes Vebbler stand out against the other social networks out there, and he was quick to say “Our design. Our design is a big plus when you look at the other social networks out there. We wanted to create a visually stunning platform, and we’ve done that.”

What does the future hold?

We finished off out chat with Sahil by asking just what does the future hold for Vebbler? What’s in the pipeline? Naturally, he didn’t tell us all his plans but he spoke about how Vebbler is looking forward to releasing applications for all the major mobile platforms in the near future, as well as adding an API after the beta stage of the site is finished.

We really enjoyed speaking to Sahil and learning more about Vebbler, its values and its plans for the future. We seriously recommend that you head to and request yourself an invite, you won’t regret it.Thank you for chatting to us Sahil, and best of luck with Vebbler! Myself and Plato will certainly be using it, so why don’t you?


You can like Vebbler on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. Alternatively, you can request an invite to get into the beta version of the site here.

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