Verizon fixes the unlimited data plan bug

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan BugVerizon has closed down the unlimited data plans for a while now, but yesterday a few users were able to use a subsidized upgrade without losing the old unlimited data plan. But today Verizon announced that this was due to a bug in their system and they have fixed it.

Yesterday a few Verizon users found out that by signing a new two year agreement with still keeping the old unlimited data plan. Obviously this was not something Verizon expected and within a matter of few hours they fixed it to avoid further illegitimate uses of the bug. Anyway Verizon has not announced anything regarding the customer who were able to make use of the situation to get the unlimited data plan. Whether they will be able to use the plan until it ends or not is still a mystery. Anyway if you’re those customers who took advantage of this situation, you might want to pay very close attention to the Verizon announcements for your own good.


Source: Android Central

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