Vevo opts out of YouTube’s offline viewing feature


YouTube’s upcoming offline viewing feature is going to be making it’s way onto mobile apps come November, but it seems like Vevo doesn’t want a part in it.

According to a report, Vevo is planning to not opt-in to the offline viewing feature. They asserted the fact that would not be part of the feature by saying “We’re not going to allow viewing of our music videos or other programming in offline mode,”.

The proposed new offline viewing feature is set to hit mobile applications in November, and will allow mobile users the chance to download videos so that they can watch them when they do not have internet connectivity. In a memo sent out by YouTube last week, the company explained that devices will be allowed to keep the video for offline viewing for up to 48 hours. After that time limit is up, the user will have to connect to the internet in order to view the video.

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