VirnetX Files Yet Another Patent Suit Against Apple

A couple of days ago, we reported that a company called VirnetX, which resulted in them winning a princely sum of $368M from Apple, had sued Apple successfully. However, it seems that $368M just isn’t enough for these guys as they have filed another complaint against Apple claiming that they infringed four patents wilfully.Virnetx Logo

The crazy thing about this suit however is that the involved patents are the exact same as the ones that were involved in the first lawsuit. This time however, VirnetX says that the complaint includes the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the latest iPod Touch, which are products that were not released when the initial complaint was filed.

VirnetX is saying that since the original lawsuit was upheld, this new suit and in essence, the new list of infringing devices infringe the very same patents regarding how Apple implements Facetime. As such, the company is now looking for additional damages to be paid out as well as a sales ban on any products that are found to infringe upon the patents. Ouch.

Of course though, Apple have filed for re-examination of the four patents in its current case with VirnetX with the United States Patent Office and according to the Verge, they have filed a motion questioning the outcome of the previous trial.

VirnetX have, in the past, had success in suing and winning patent cases against big technology companies. For example, it won a settlement from Microsoft in 2010 in which Microsoft were ordered to pay $200 million for two patents that it infringed. The company is also currently in court against Cisco and Avaya , and has in the past, used the threat of legal action to settle licensing agreements.

Do what do you think? Is this one Apple can get out of or does it show that Apple really has infringed some patents for once? Let us hear your thoughts on the patent suit against Apple below or on Facebook!

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