The Vision for Driverless cars

I remember watching the movie “total recall” where there were driver-less cabs known as “Johnny Cabs”, though Arnold have had his share of sci-fi movies but even he would laugh at the concept of a driver less car in the next few years. I believe that is a very long term vision for cars and technology, imagine seeing a person reading a newspaper in the back of the while the car is driving by itself, and others are talking about that they will have fully autonomous driving in every road condition and under any weather condition in any kind traffic condition in a couple of years. I think that’s a bunch of hooey!

But many companies are very serious about the concept of autonomous driving and want to make a car where the user can just sit in the back doing emails while the car drives itself.

Exactly, Volvo aims to eliminate road deaths (or at least those involving new Volvos) by the end of 2020. “Our vision of 2020: we don’t want to have anybody seriously hurt or injured or even killed in a new Volvo,” according to Mertens.

Well, it’s not a guarantee, it’s just an objective but has strong aims about reaching this goal, their concentration is on the safety aspect of auto driving with a combo of passive safety where the chassis protects the user in the event of a collision, and they are concentrating to strengthen the construction of these cars. The auto-driving tech comes in with the more “active” safety measures, primarily sensor-controlled brake assist and object avoidance systems.

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