Want to live on forever? Eterni.me allows you to do just that


Have you ever wanted to become immortal? Well, there is a chance to do just that. Eterni.me, a new website, is promising you the chance to “simply become immortal”.

Eterni.Me was founded by a team of engineers and designers who met during their time in the MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program. They say that they’re looking to solve an “incredibly challenging problem of humanity” and with the information this website may hold, it could indeed prove incredible. The website promises customers the chance to have a ‘live’ chat with their digitally recreated loved ones.

The way the website works is that a digital profile of anyone is made after collecting and then analysing their online activities. All this information is then ran through a complex algorithm which can then reconstruct the memory and crucially, the behaviour of anyone. Some of the information which will be gathered could include emails, chat logs and photos.

The launch date of Eterni.Me is unknown currently, but according to the team over there, the launch date will be pretty soon. 


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