Want a touch more class on your phone? Pretty Little Things has you covered!


I often see all manner of strange, weird and wonderful things when I browse my Facebook feed for the day, rarely do I come across something that I feel compelled to put up live on this website however. That all changed today though when I noticed something called “Pretty Little Things” pop up after a friend shared a picture.


Now, I’m sure we’ve all seem some funky and out-there cases in our time but there was something about this that caught my eye. My first thought was “What is that doing on a phone?” but as I looked more into the design, I could see that it was a clear fusion of the technology we love and the vintage feel many crave. Most of all though, it looked different, it looked great!

Now, I can’t lie and say it is something I would personally have on my phone but with the level of craftsmanship and care obviously put into every bespoke piece, I can see many falling in love with it. I can say with certainty that we live in a world where phone covers are all the same and we’re crying out for some creativity and something different, and I think I’ve found it here in Pretty Little Things

Be sure to check out their page and grab yourself one of these eye-catching creations, because they’re simply awesome!


This post is part of a series of posts by TechNewsCentral to highlight neat, funky and cool start-ups and projects from around the web. All designs on this page are produced by Pretty Little Things.

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