Want to wake up to the smell of bacon? There’s an app for that!


Ever wanted that lovely feeling of waking up to a sizzling load of bacon with it’s heavenly aroma pulling you out of those cosy bedsheets? There’s an app for that! Oscar Mayer has said that they have created a bacon-scented app for the iPhone, developed by the Madison based company’s Institute for the Advancement of Bacon (That’s a thing?!)

The company says that in order to emit a small puff of that heavenly aroma, the user needs to plug in an external device into the headphone jack of their phone. The app produces the sound of the bacon sizzling away. However, the aroma producing accessory will not be sold in stores and that quantities of the device are limited. Oscar Mayer are giving away 4,700 devices starting on Thursday.

Apply for a chance to win a bacon scent alarm device at WakeUpAndSmellTheBacon.com

Download the Wake Up & Smell The Bacon app from iTunes:http://bit.ly/1fHGKBv

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