Warning. Internet’s capacity is running out!

Is the internet’s capacity actually running out? This question might strike to you as a silly one but British researchers are warning that this possibility is more close to the truth than one would expect.

During the recent meeting than took place in the Royal Society of London, researchers conducted conversations about the capacity issue that is very likely to surface in the not so far future and the possible solutions that a problem like that may require.

The said meeting made it to headlines of British newspapers which among other things, they spoke of an internet that is close to its limits and the inevitable need for larger capacity. So far the problem is not entirely part of the science fiction sphere since the rapid growth of information consumption by online media such as YouTube is constantly creating more and more requirements.

The New Scientist magazine mentions that all those concerns about the internet’s capacity not being enough were born for the limited mass of information that can “fit” in any communication channel, optical fibre, or copper wire.

The capacity of information that can be transferred through the optical fibres can be expanded with the increase of power of the light which is transmitted through them. This process can boost the coding system making the reading from one edge to the other, much more easy.

E5CXW4 Fiber-optic equipment in a data center
E5CXW4 Fiber-optic equipment in a data center

Scientist have dedicated decades of research to find out ways to boost the signals thus increasing the capacity of the existing optical fibres so that keep up with the respectively increasing information traffic on the global web.

However, this appears to be a dead end because if the power is increased beyond a certain limit, the fibres are “impregnated” with light and as the result the signal is downgraded. This actually means that we are already using the most out of the optical fibres t their current phase.

So now scientist are conducting new researches and experiments to new kinds of optical fibres that will contain multiple cores for data transfer. The construction of such fibres will be more difficult than the previous ones due to the fact that the cores will be extraordinarily small and yet they will need to keep their shape through the whole length of the wire. Still, it is worth a try since with that achievement much more information will be portable.

Methods like the one mentioned above will solve the concerning problem of internet’s capacity limitation. Andrew Lord, from the British company of telecommunications BT, stated: “I see no Internet crisis. I have faith in the inventiveness of the human kind when it comes to delivering information”.

So for now we might be good but the problem is out there and trying to solve it before it comes to the surface is a pretty good start. Until then, just make sure you don’t upload any information that is not needed!

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