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Imagine yourself in the following scenario. You are walking on a beautiful forest with enormous trees and gigantic rocks in strange shapes around you. No sign of civilization, at least not a civilization that you are familiar with. Then out of nowhere comes a big flying and terrifying yet majestic dragon that spits fire and looks determined to kill you as it is his only purpose. You can almost feel his breath upon you shoulder. After a long hard fight you get killed. And then what? Pretty spooky scenario huh? Well fortunately you have nothing to worry about and that is not because you will never find yourself in such a case – on the contrary. But because if you do get killed, all you have to do is start from your last checkpoint!

And if nothing of the above makes sense to you until now, it is because you probably don’t know the Oculus Rift, the new virtual reality headset designed to bring the gaming world to a whole new level. As a matter of fact it will actually bring a whole new world into gaming.

Made by Oculus VR and based on the Crescent Bay prototype, is expected to be released into the markets at the first months of 2016.

Though there have been some improvements from the prototype, not many information has been available to the public view about Oculus Rift. However we do now that it is designed with a 360o head position tracker which obviously will give gamers the ability to use all the space around them and 3D Audio sound to make your experiences deeper than ever. Of course more information will be given as we move on to the release date. In the meantime it is worth mentioning that we had first seen the Oculus Rift at Kickstarter on August 2012 where It managed to gather its $2,4 million budget by selling pieces to virtual reality developers for $300 each! In 2014, Facebook bought Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars.

According to TechCrunch, the owner of an Oculus Rift must also possess a powerful gaming Pc to escort one another in order to take advantage of the headsets’ full capabilities.

Until we see the actual product delivered on the markets and used by gamers all around the world we can only make thoughts, and guesses. One thing remains certain though. We are not talking about a review to one more product we’ve already seen (as a kind) anymore. Here we are – at last if you ask me – entering a whole new era of gaming where people will be participating in the story as it evolves.

A decade back, there were no smartphones and we were all using those small things with buttons on them called regular cell phones. And here we are 10 years later entering virtual reality just for our amusement, like in those strange thriller movies that talk about a future we can’t handle.

Now, as a tech nerd and a hopeless gamer I can’t help myself from being ecstatic about the arrival of this new way of gaming. Yet here is the actual question. Keeping in mind that technology involves faster than it did before with each step, how ready do you think we are to accept all those new creations that are becoming more and more frequent? What are your thoughts about this going wrong?

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