Which soundbars are worth buying in 2015


Soundbars are very popular these days and there are goof reasons for it. They tend to offer a decent sound quality compared to there often small size. A soundbar is generelly wide,  short and thin vertical speaker that has multiple drivers. It is a specially enclosed loudspeaker that produces stereo effect from a single cabinet. Since they are wide they can be mounted easily anywhere around TV, computer or home theater. Soundbars are small and can be positioned easily on a display, are simple to set up, and more often they are not more expensive than other sound systems. Though due to their petite size and as they are not much flexible to position, soundbars do not block up the room with resonance. So in order to take benefit of both sound bar and stereo set system, sound bar hybrids are produced by some manufacturers in which the soundbar represents left, center, and right speakers plus subwoofer and rear left and rear right speakers. Occasionally producers make soundbars with left, center, and right speakers in addition to detachable rear-left and rear-right speakers.

Each company has proprietary technology of its own, but Ambiophonics is an open structure that could use a stereo dipole in one enclosure. Few manufacturers have gone too far into phase array technology. Prior versions of soundbars only incorporated left, center and right speakers in one inclusion.  A multichannel sound bar called Voice of the digital theater was introduced by Altech Lensing. It was powered speaker system that had stereo; Dolby pro-logic and AC3 enfold sound from a soundbar and a split subwoofer. Polk Audio had a pre-existing method of widening a stereo image that was done by canceling crosstalk from the left speaker to the right ear and the other way round. Then this was extended to give surround effect from one cabinet that was called a Surround bar.

Philips worked on the same technology as Polk Audio, called Audi sound that spawned from the previous technique called SonoWave. Afterward, there was a version that had the sound bar divided into two units; along with a phased array of three drivers all of them had full range. Yamaha’s YSP-1 Digital sound projector had large left and right drivers along with phased array of around 40 petite center controllers. By running a setup program, these would be mechanically configured with included test microphone to control sound reflected from the walls of the room.

There’s less space to fit the speaker drivers as TVs are getting thinner day by day. With such limitations, these drivers are usually tiny and feeble. More over TV speakers either point down or away from the viewer, because of that most of the sound is muffled. Soundbars point their drivers towards the viewer. Over the audio that the huge step. Most modern soundbars have individual tweeters and woofers that are capable of handling high and low sounds at the same time. Most of them are 2.1 channel sound setups that mean they will give you two speakers and a separate subwoofer. Further than hooking them up with the TV, they will propose you Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to stream from your smartphones tabs and PCs. Physically connection may include USB ports that can be plugged in external hard drives, HDMI inputs and outputs that can support full 3D plus HD TV playback. There are a lot of exceptional models out there from which you can make your choice.


Monitor Audio ASB-2

If spending much is you will, this sound bar is the excellent one for you. It is heavier than many soundbars, but it has mounting option so it can be mounted sound. It does not support Bluetooth; still it has the bounty of connectivity with HDMI inputs and hold for airplay with which you can work with the phones and iPods.


Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2

The follow-up to the panorama, the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2 adds the better audio presentation that is housed inside the similar chic body. Nine speaker drivers and 2 revamped 3.5 inch subwoofers are packed together which produces a huge bass. Dolby Digital and DTS encoding are also supported by Panorama 2.


Sonos Playbar

The sovereign of multi room audio has turned its attention to ramp up home cinema sound with the brilliant Sono Play bass. This is a slender looking kit that is powered by six mid ranged drivers and three tweeters that deliver thorough and occupied sound. Optical input is available for connecting to the TV, 2 Ethernet ports are also provided, but what is missing is the HDMI.


Dali Kubik One

The Dali Kubik One strikes the buyers, at first sight. It has the smallest design, terrific quality, and striking color schemes. It is surely a device anyone would desire to keep it in their living rooms. You can hang it on a wall or place it on a horizontal surface which will make it look awesome.


Maxell MXSP-SB3000

This one would make an excellent choice for people who want something worth buying at low cost. This company will everlastingly be associated with blank cassettes; this 2.1 channel sound bar has a daring, superior sound, and pithy bass.


Roth Audio Sub Zero 2

If you want to buy a soundbar at low price, Roth Audio Sub Zero 2 is a big option. TVs that have Boosting audio quality and terrible sound pitch this sound bar is best.  The Roth Audio Sub Zero 2 does not have split subwoofer, in its place packing bass drivers into the sleek frame. The result is an amazingly loud and thorough sound piece that excels its bass reproduction.


Maxell MXSB-252

Along with A2.1 channel sound bar the Maxell MXSB-252 offers attractive specs. It is slim and attractive then SB3000, the 252 is perfect for TV that are 46 inches and above. It has much connectivity that includes HDMI input, a 3.5mm mini jacket input, and an optical audio input. Its sound is sweet and loud which is enough to fill a room with a pleasing stability across the frequency range. In spite of the lacking Bluetooth, this is one more firm system from Maxell and is a brilliant value to spend money.


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