What’s new with Android M

First there was the shock we got when we heard about the rumour that the new Android M would be named “Android Macadamia Nut Cooke”. After that first shock passed, let’s see what’s new with Google’s new operating system.

It’s not a rumour actually, Android M is fully named Macadamia Nut Cookie, just like Android KitKat’s code name Key Lime Pie and Android Lollipop’s code name was Lemon Meringue Pie. However the final name that all of the operating systems above were released were the more attractive to the market. So we hope that the same will happened again and the final name will be Android M.

In any case, the Android M is expected to come with a fingerprint sensor and a new way to show images.

Along with the above, the new software will be able to manage your RAM more efficiently, especially when your screen is turned off, while the energy management is also expected to be more improved. It seems that Google aims to giving better autonomy to all devices that run on Android M.

At the same time, a new rumour has surfaced to the limitless world of internet according to which, after Android M, the guarantee of the Google Nexus smartphones will reach the 2 years while the security patches will go up to 3. Google is estimated to be supporting the security patches with a device that has been bought by Google Play Store for 18 months after purchase.

Those are the major changes that we expect to see with the Android M. Of course there are always surprizes so the rest of the new features will be fully revealed once the operating system is released and tested. So far things seem to only get better as not only new features are added but also the good features from the older Android versions seem to stick with this new version.

Also, with this new version of Android, we can obviously expect to see Cortana as Microsoft has announced that Cortana will now be available for Android and iOS devices as well (read article here).

The older Androids turned out to work fine and earned people’s preference though at first they were more than a few bugs that Google had to work on before it gave us a good and worthy operating system.

Let’s hope that Android M will be good from the start but even if it’s not we can rest assured knowing that in the end we’ll get what we expect.

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