Will Apple Announce iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5S on September 10th?

Apple iPhone 5SIs there a possibility for Apple announcing to call its latest and next gen iPhone, iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5S? Well not probably but the description given at the information pages of Apple’s own apps like iMovie, iPhoto and Keynotes etc are giving an entirely different story. The description is showing that all these apps are optimized for iPhone 6, and the interesting part is that, there are no mentioning about iPhone 5S.

There has been a lot of rumours and we did see some leaked casings of iPhone 5S, so this could might as well be a typo from their part. The iTunes weblinks for these apps are saying all these apps are in fact optimized for iPhone 7 as well. Anyway its only a couple of days before we see the announcement of iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 or whatever it actually being called as.


Source: Phone Arena

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