Highlights from the Windows 10 event Jan. 21


At windows 10 event, Microsoft introduced much more about the windows 10, that included operating system of the next generation, as well as its working in mobiles, tablets, PC e.t.c. Microsoft introduces a new HoloLense amplified reality headset that was an amazing step forward. It had built windows Holographic software to support the gadget. There is a lot more about windows 10 event and here is a brief summary of the important points.

It Has 1.2 Million Beta Testers

Previously, windows 10 were available as technical preview. It has already signed up an ample testing party from the public. The company has revealed that more then 1.7 million users are taking part in the insider program which gives the right to enter early builds of windows 10 to the front of its general release. A fine figure, but its amazing that around the globe there are probably more the 1 billion users of windows.

For A Year, There Is A Free Update

As soon as you get windows 10, it’s going to give you a free update if you are already running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your PC or notebooks, or Windows Phone 8.1 on your mobile. But this offer is valid for only a year. This shows that Microsoft is not totally deleting the option of a free update. It is free for only a year and the reason is that after one year Windows 11 will arrive which will also be free for a year, and it will go on and on.

Windows 10 Mobile Has Synchronized Settings With Desktop, Plus It Integrates For Calls/Messages

Just like everything else Microsoft can put it on, mobiles and Tabs get windows 10. On mobile phones, windows 10 have got a pretty short look, and it resembles Windows 8.1 in so many aspects. But it has improved notifications that synchronize with the desktop, much better setting menus, and refined UI. The greatest thing about he windows 1o on phones is that skype is integrated into both the messages and phone app, same as a windows-friendly iMessage/Face Time.

Windows 10 Gives Free Office Suite App To Mobile Phones

It’s true that the smart phones and tablets, which have touch functioning, are all going to be equipped with MS Word, Excel and powerpoint. MS in no more going to lag iOS and Android in personal softwares of mobile phones.

For Gamer, There Is Xbox App For Windows 10

At window 10, Microsoft has tried its best to create a genuine cross-service social network from Xbox which span services like Steam. It’s just like facebook. But instead of baby pics, it’s more likely for people who are involved in gaming.

There Is A Brand New Browser For Windows 10

In windows 10 internet Explorer will be sharing the browser stage with Spartan which is a brand new browser that is built from the ground up for speed, Cortana, association and ease. It has got reading and PDF markup modes.

Xbox One Games Can Be Streamed To PCs That Have Windows 10

It’s a real deal that you can easily stream your game play at your PCs and large tablets that have windows 10 installed. As soon as brand new OS is launched, you can play anywhere in your home from you wireless Xbox, as long as they are on the same network. It would be more like a Remote Play at your PS4. But it will be more practical as it can work with any PC with windows 10.

Windows Are Made Holographic By Microsoft Which Is An Improved Reality Extension Of Windows 10

Its AR as you can see the real world with virtual objects that are laid over the top. But Microsoft obviously wants their ‘Hologram’ branding to be stuck in the minds of consumers. Windows holographic can let you hang out on Mars or just work on a virtual engine in your real garage along with your mechanic friend around your country, provided you also have got this.  

Hololens Of Microsoft

To support the windows Holographic, MS is taking matters into its own hands with the headset. At today’s event demos, Redmond offered journalists on hand as the hardware was in very good shape, and everyone was mightily impressed. It has got lenses that are transparent which makes you able to see the world around you, but there lie a digital image that places the virtual objects around you.

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