Windows 10 new features Part 1

Windows 10, the new and final edition of the Windows operating system series is here along with some pretty cool new features. Some good, other better, all contribute to making your experience with Windows 10 feel familiar yet improved by a lot. So let’s see what’s new with Microsoft’s newest addition to the Widnows series.

  1. Cortana can be a man


As it is already known Cortana, the virtual assistant will feature in the brand new Windows 10. Microsoft will embody her at all the features of desktops and laptops that will run with Windows 10 as a single operating system for all its devices.

However what we didn’t know is that the users will be able to choose Cortana’s sex and turn her from a woman to a guy!

This information was revealed by director of engineering who worked on the project that created Cortana. His name is Michael Calcagano. He particularly said: “If you want a dude, we’re doing it”. Michael also joked about the male virtual assistant’s name that should be Cortano.

Windows 10 marks a new era where the use of personal computers becomed more personal than ever and in the center we find people and not technology anymore. In that era, more importance must be given to the mobility of experience, and not to the devices. People will be able to interact with tachnology in a natural way just like they do with other humans, using their voice, their eyes and their gestures (body language).

So all those new experiences include Cortana who will be available for computers as wel as tablets and laptops. The personal virtual assistant who made her (and now his as well) first appearence on Windows Phone last year, now aims to helping users to complete their projects with as less efort as possible to more devices.

What’s best about Cortana – whether you choose to make it a guy or a girl – is that she/he learns your preferences in order to provide the most relevant recommendations, quick access to useful information and important reminders.

And of course the interraction is easy using voice and advanced echnologies that help build trust and honesty.


  1. Microsoft gives the finger with the new emoji.


An unexpected move by Microsoft who enters dynamically the emojis trend. According to Emojipedia, Microsoft will bring to Windows 10, a new emoji that will allow users to send an obscense gesture.

It is about an emoji that was created in the middle of 2014 but was not available on iOS, OS X and Windows. For instance, even though the new iOS 8.3 includes 300 new emojis, the particular middle finger was absent. Microsoft is the first company to bring that emoji for wide use.

Information report that it will be available in 6 different skin tones so the company is not accused of racism.


  1. Windows 10 welcomed the Candy Crush Saga


Windows 10 are equipped not only with new features and apps but also with games. We’re actually referring to the popular game Candy Crush Saga made by King. This game will be preinstalled on the new operating system allong with the old beloved minewseeper and solitaire.

So far it has not been clarified if the game will differ from the original “mobile” version of the editor, since it has been designed for the touch screens of smartphones and tablets. The specific game may look as a weird choice but it is part if a very successful cooperation between Microsoft and King, as we read on the British magazine, “Wired”.

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