Windows 10 new features Part 2

We present the second part of the most interesting new features that have been added to Microsoft’s new Windows edition, Windows 10.

  1. Edge, the new Explorer

Edge, the new browser of Windows 10, is probably the only explorer with so much possibilities offered such as the note mode. At this mode users will be able to keep notes on the websites by using a stylus, or their fingers if they have a touch screen for their devices (e.g. computers). Edge will also offer the ability to better track the apps of programmers and it will be more expandable in the future with the help of JavaScript and HTML.

Some additional of the more advanced features of Edge is the ease it provides to the user when reading whether online or offline.

And of course let’s not forget that Cortana will be there to aid in the whole surfing process by making our searches quicker and easier, as the “Look and Feel” project of Windows 10 suggests.

  1. Windows 10 come with a face recognition

For the first time pc users will be able to enter their computers or any other device without having to remember passwords. All will be done with eye recognition or even finger prints.

This new feature is called Windows Hello and according to a French media network, Microsoft is doing that to make on the one hand the users’ lives easier – by using no passwords which they usually forget – and on the other hand the hackers’ lives harder since they had found already many ways to break the passwords that were used so far.

Apple and Samsung have already started putting biometrical sensors on their smartphones, that recognize the face and fingers of their owners. If the user’s device has such a biometrical system, then the Windows Hello’s system will be compatible with the device’s system.

  1. Windows 10 unlock the future of holographic technology with Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft shared with its audience a revolutionary example of how Windows 10 allow the transition from a traditional computerized image to an interaction that is much more personal and anthropocentric. Windows 10, being the first holographic computer platform, include a series of APIs which allow programmers to create holographic experiences that happen in reality.

These are the most interesting and fun features among other numerous new a features that have being added the new and final Windows edition. Once you get the chance to experience Windows 10 by yourself, make sure to get the most out of it!

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