Windows 10 went public earlier than expected

We all expected Windows 10 and whatever they were to bring with them (referring to new features). But Microsoft once again surprised us by releasing the new operating system earlier than expected. In a relevant announcement, Microsoft mentioned that the next generation operating system will become available for purchase on July 29th.

At the same time Windows 10, are already available for free for all Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users while the update will be available for smartphones, and Xbox later on.

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems stated: “We designed Windows 10 to create a Windows edition for the 1.5 billion users that use our operating system in 190 countries all around the world. The seem and feel familiar, yet they are better than ever. Windows 10 bring back the start menu that you all know and love”.

It is true that Windows 10 seem to be the best Windows edition so far, an operating system that builds a wide yet expandable network and provide more features than ever while at the same time it seems to come with no major bugs (at least so far).

As we’ve mentioned before, Windows 10 will be the last edition of the famous Microsoft’s operating system. The company clarified that instead of new major editions being released every now and then, there will be constant updates with a more “continuous way”. That actually means that Windows 10 will be constantly improved with recent updates.

Of course let’s not get ahead of our selves; whether these updates will free of charge or not remains to be seen. Keep in mind that Microsoft has not yet revealed – and nor will they probably do in the future – any policy on how they plan to maintain their profits out of this concept.

But more or less, this must be the reason the the company skipped Windows 9 edition and went directly to Windows 10, to close the circle (it wouldn’t feel completed if it ended on Windows 10 now would it?).

So we welcome Windows 10 and we are very excited and curious to see what will happen next and where does this leave all the competitor companies that belong operating systems industry (mostly for computers, judging byt the numbers of the market). In other words it is very interesting to see what move Microsoft’s rivals will make to avoid losing profits from the first free operating system!

We might not know the reason that Microsoft decided to release Windows 10 earlier that scheduled (and we would die to learn) but still, experiencing the new Windows edition with all those new features and such a big support and connectivity network will be a hell of an experience.

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