Windows 9 to be revealed on September 30

We recently reported on the leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows 9. Now sources close to Microsoft has reported that the company behind WIndows is planning for a big press event in the end of September, on September 30th to be precise. According to these sources, the plan is to unveil next version of Windows which has the codename Threshold.

A while back there were reports of a technological preview of Windows 9 being released in September and it’s likely that this is what we will get to see at the press event. With this preview developers will get at first look at the new mini start menu and other new features that will help them in the development of their applications.

At the same time Microsoft is putting together builds of the new Windows version that includes early versions of Cortana, the Microsoft virtual assistant. However it’s not clear whether this feature will be included in the technological preview that is likely to be unveiled at the event.

The release of the final version of Windows 9 is probably far away but from what is revealed in the coming weeks we might get a better idea of what the final product will look like.

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