Windows Phone Store passed 9 million daily transactions, ads are coming


The Windows Phone Store may be lacking in size when compared to Apple’s App Store and Google Play, but the store is showing growth according to Microsoft. According to the WP Store General Manager, Todd Brix, the platform has surpassed 9 million transactions per day. This includes both app and in-app purchases. Overall, this means that the Windows Phone Store has a total of 270 million transactions per month.

Naturally, Microsoft want that number to grow, so they’ve streamlined payments from carriers to make sure that they’re eligible for payouts after 30 days.This new streamlined process may get some new developers on the platform, we’ll be seeing more adverts than apps first. This comes as Microsoft is set to start issuing UDID’s (Unique Device ID’s) to new advertising partners. They claim that the UDID’s will not be linked to any particular devices and nor will it give out identifiable information. However, if you still feel a bit uneasy and you don’t want targeted ads being thrown at you, you’r free to opt out.

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