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Ever wanted to run your favorite mobile operating system android on windows system? Well now you can. There is an for windows which lets you run android on windows operating systems. The app is called WindowsAndroid.

Sure you could try running android on your windows operating system by installing it as a dual boot or even by using visualization technology. But before WidnowsAndroid, there were no successful app which could run android on widnows natively without any issues or errors. This app does its job seamlessly and without any lags or slowness. They have tried to avoid all the virtualization chains to make it run faster compared to other visualization and emulations. Anyway WindowsAndroid will give you a full android experience including a smartphone like interface for the window on which the android will run.

It also supports a wide range of screen resolutions, and will give you the appropriate interface accordingly. For example, if you’re running it in a window smaller than 1280×800, it will default to the phone interface; bump it up past that, and you’ll get tablet-optimized Android. – Android Police

Also it supports most of our normal input devices such as keyboards, mouse, touch interface etc.

The application WindowsAndroid is available in Windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Also you can run Android versions upto Icecream Sandwitch and will have to separately flash the Google apps that typically come with android on many devices, according to androidpolice. The socketeq is the application creator and I must say they have done a wonderful job here. The application is available at their website which will be free for the first try. Socketeq is a Chinese Start up company.

Download WindowsAndroid here. You will have to fill up a form to get the download link.

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