Wireless Armour wonder-pants will keep your precious parts safe from smartphone radiations

Wireless Armour wonder-pantsDoctors and researchers have always been saying we techies not to put the smartphones in your pockets. So if you have been struggling so hard to keep it away from the pockets by carrying in a bag or something like that, we have got good news for you. A company called Wireless Armour has created a product called wonder-pants which will keep away all the radiations from the wireless devices.

The pants are weaved with metal for deflecting up to 99.9% of all the harmful rays which are said to be a cause for reduced sperm count in males. Another advantage of wearing these undies is how it will keep the users fresh for longer and reduce the more noticeable odours thanks to anti-microbial properties. Also considering the material is metallic fibers, it will last longer too.


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