Withings Activité – A smart designer watch

These days it’s all about smart watches it seems. I have to admit that so far I’ve been a bit sceptical. The reason for this is probably because I’m a true watch lover and I love the classic watches so from what I’ve seen the smart watches hasn’t really been for me. But, and this is big BUT, I’ve found something interesting. Sure, it might not be a smartwatch per se but it has some really smart features that I really like. Meet the Withings Activité!Withings Activité

The Activité hasn’t been released yet so I haven’t had the chance to see it live yet, but this watch seems like a very nice combo. I has the looks of a classic dressier watch and some new innovative features. It has build in bluetooth connection which lets you connect it to your Iphone or Android mobile, alarm clock with vibration wake up. Connecting it to your phone also enables the watch to always synch the time with your phone so when you travel it changes time to the new timezone automatically, a really handy feature for all you world travellers out there.

8.Withings_Activité_Health MAte_timeline

Withings app Health Mate that can be connected to the phone gives you all sorts of information about you, your activities, sleep, and so. on. It acts as a health coach measuring everything from how well you sleep to how many steps we’ve taken during the day. For more information you can visit Withings.

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