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TechNewsCentral is always on the lookout for fantastic new writers and reviewers to join our team and those who are keen to delve into the world of technology and share your thoughts with thousands across the globe.

Why would you want to write for TNC?

There are many reasons why you should want to join TNC but for now, we’ll just list a few:

  • Have a chance to join a friendly yet growing team
  • Enjoy a platform where you can share your opinions and thoughts to thousands daily
  • Hone your skills as a writer and even get a back-link to your own sites on each article you write
  • Most of all, you get paid after two months of writing for us! Fantastic right?

There are many more reasons why we think you would love to work with us, and if you want to know more about TNC, its team or even just if you want more reasons to apply, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What do we look for in a writer?

If you haven’t been scared off yet, here is what we look for in an aspiring writer!

  • You should have a good understanding of the English language and its vocabulary
  • An understanding of WordPress is desirable but not needed
  • You must post at least three article a week
  • Be able to write about stories related to technology and list sources

So, if you think you have what it takes to join the TNC team and join an aspiring bunch of writers and techno-geeks, use the contact form below and get in touch with us. Experience isn’t necessary but we expect you to be a good writer!

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