XBOX One gets 108,000 game broadcasters with in the first week of availability

Xbox One TwitchMicrosoft had released Twitch game broadcasting service for Xbox One a couple of weeks back and it looks like the number of broadcasters is increasing a much faster pace when compared to that of Sony’s PlayStation 4. According to latest reports, Xbox One got more than 108,000 broadcasters with in the first week of the Twitch service launch. Sony had to wait 25 days before the number of game broadcasters of PlayStation 4 reached the same number. We have to consider the fact that Twitch was available with PS4 at the launch wherein Xbox One only got it a couple of weeks back, which means all those Xbox One users were waiting for the services to be launched and millions of Xbox One consoles were out in the wild already. This was not the same with PS4. The number of people who got the PS4 in the first week of launch is far less compared to the number of Xbox One users which it got since its launch back in May 2013.

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