XBOX One gets Titanfall and Twitch Streaming service

Titanfall XBOX One

Finally Microsoft has launched the much anticipated Titanfall on XBOX One along with the popular video streaming service Twitch. Although we all knew this was coming, the anticipation was too high and fans were getting restless. Titanfall is exclusive to XBOX One and may make a strong selling point. Microsoft’s XBOX One has been selling well, when compared with its rival’s PlayStation 4 we have to say it is lagging behind PS4. So Microsoft has launched the game in the perfect time. Now it is up to Microsoft to make use of the anticipation by marketing its quality and broad appeal as effectively as possible.

When coming to Twitch – the video streaming service, it is already available in PS4. This valuable addition will now help Microsoft XBOX One users to  set up their own streams, quickly join broadcasters’ sessions and trigger their own broadcasts with Kinect-enabled voice commands. In another interesting move Microsoft has reduced the price by £30 in the UK.

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