Xbox One release date as ‘late November’

The latest rumour from a PepsiCo promotion is that the Xbox One release date is targeted for ‘late November’.

PepsiCo are a promotional partner of Microsoft and they are apparently in a

partnership to give away a free Xbox One every 2 minutes between the 5th of November and January the 17th. This is stipulated by the companies terms and conditions document which suggests that this upcoming partnership between Microsoft and Pepsi is true.

“Xbox One has targeted launch date of late November 2013,” reads the text. “Therefore, the initial shipments may be slightly delayed; please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery,”

So far Microsoft has not confirmed a launch date for their console aside from saying it will be sometime in November. Sony has already released their launch date plans for the Playstation 4 which is a US PS4 release date of November 15 and an EU launch of November 29.

This is the latest rumour that has occurred across the internet after a previous report suggested that the consoles launch date would be on November 8.

The Xbox One will launch in 13 markets this holiday season, with this been cut from the previous 21 markets announced earlier at E3. The prices for this console have been set at £430 / €500 / $500, which is $100 dearer than the competition from the PS4 which does not seem that bad any  more due to the free game and Kinect.


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