Xbox One release date revealed?


Xbox One release date

After waiting for news relating to the release dates of the XboxOne and the PS4, it appears that both has came at once. A couple hours after it was reported that the PS4 released date was revealed, Amazon seems to have completed the set by revealing the Xbox One’s release date.

According to Amazon, the Xbox One will be released in the USA on November 27th. This is the date that is posted on the pre-order page on, and even in some Xbox One games pages.

At the time of writing, Microsoft has yet to confirm the release date of its console, but if this information proves to be accurate, the Xbox One will be on the shelves two weeks after the PS4 goes on sale. Despite this launch date leak, there is no indication of when the console will hit the shores of the UK. has not posted any release information.

Microsoft has seen pre-order numbers of its new console surge back up the charts recently. Helped in no part by the companies reversal on two of its highly hated policies.

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