XBOX One to get its first major update by February 11th, second to come on March 4th

XBOX One ControllerXbox One is just getting better and better. The latest news about Microsoft’s latest gaming console is regarding the first ever major system update. The update is due on February 11th and will bring a handful of new features. The second update is due on March 4th.

The first update will bring the ability to see the storage space of your console and manage it. Microsoft will place a battery life indicator for the connected controllers directly on the home screen is another new feature. Then there is the USB keyboard compatibility. Once your system is updated you will be able to use USB keyboards for typing on XBOX One. There are a number of fixes for stability issues along with some new yet undisclosed features.

The second update which is due on March 4th is all about improving the party and mulitplayer aspects of the system, the company says.

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