XBOX One Vs. Playstation 4

XBOX One Vs. PlayStation 4
XBOX One Vs. PlayStation 4

So finally I thought I would write a post to help you to choose the right gaming console between XBOX One and Playstation 4. Both are awesome gaming consoles and are being called as the best of all time by many reviewers. We will be going through the look and feel, features, hardware specs etc in this article of XBOX One Vs. Playstation 4. So lets begin without further ado.

Design and Build – XBOX One Vs PS4:

The curve fashion is no more trendy. The new trend is sharp edges and block shaped objects. This is being reflected in both the consoles too. Both consoles look awesome and has a cleaner look when compared with their old designs. The design of both of the consoles are good enough to steal the attention of any of the visitors in your guest room. But which wins here, lets see.


Microsoft’s XBOX One design imitates the old VCR Boxes with a split design and has hard edges. The colour is two tone black. The Sony’s PS4 in other hand comes with a slanted parallelogram design again in 2 tone black. The perfectly placed glowing blue line on the PS4 adds the beauty. As far the design goes, everyone knows its personal preferences. For me Playstation 4 looks much cooler than the XBOX One with its sleek and shiny look.


The PS4 controllers look sleek and are not that compact which makes it easier to play the games with its perfectly positioned buttons. But when it comes to how good it looks, I must say the only good thing about the PS4 controller is the blue light bar which glows placed on top of the controller. But in case of the XBOX One controller, it looks much better with its non bulky design. The new XBOX One controller is almost like smaller and compact version of the XBOX 360 controller. Although the design is good, I don’t think the comfort level of gamers will in par with the PS4 controller. But to decide that we have to wait till the consoles are launched

So thats all about look and feel. Now which one do you think wins the war, PS4 or XBOX One? Can’t decide yet, head on to our next part, Hardware Specs for more.

Hardware Specs – XBOX One Vs PS4

When it comes to hardware specs both consoles are pretty much the same expect for a few things. Both consoles have eight core processors running at a frequency of 1.6 GHZ, custom AMD graphics processors, Blu-ray drives etc. Another similarity is the 4K graphics support offered by botht the consoles.

The differences include the processing powers of the graphics chips, RAM, and obviously the motion controllers. Now getting into the details, we have Sony PS4 with more graphics processing power as it’s GPU has 18 Computer Units which can generate 1.84 teraflops of processing power, while XBOX One’s GPU has only 12 CUs. We cannot say that PS4 clearly wins here with support for better graphics as a lot of other stuffs can increase the performance of XBOX One. For example the technical elements of SoC can affect the performance of the console. Another major difference is the RAM Sony uses. PS4 uses 8GB of GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 176GB/sec which clearly outruns XBOX One. XBOX One has 8 GB of DDR3 RAM which is less optimised for high bandwidth when compared to GDDR5.

When compared with the revealed hardware details, we can choose PS4 to be the winner. But this is not final as the performance is dependant on a lot of other features which are not revealed yet. We have to wait and see when both consoles hits the market. Don’t leave yet, next we are comparing both the consoles’ controllers.

Controllers – XBOX One Vs PS4

There aren’t much changes to both the controllers when thoroughly analysed. The PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller is almost the same as the old and existing DualShock controller. The added features in the new controller are, the blue light, the touch-pad and the re-branded start and select buttons. The thumbsticks on PS4 controllers provide more grip and the L2/R2 triggers are made in such way that slipping your fingers off the trigger won’t be a problem anymore. Another addition is the blue light bar comes on top of the controller which can interact with the PS4 in such a way that the PS4 will reorganise the split-screen layout while in a multiplayer gaming session by using. But that doesn’t give any points to the PS4 as XBOX One’s Kinect will do this, which is simply the best motion gaming technology so far.

Now when it comes to the XBOX One controller, there is nothing much for saying. The new controller is a slimmed compact version of the old XBOX 360 controller with a few awesome added features. The new controllers capable of giving the vibration feedback through each of the triggers separately according to the particular situation in the game. The new controllers provide more grip on the D-Pads which are smaller and more sensitive. The buttons on the controller have more subtle colours too. Microsoft is promising more efficient WiFi syncing on the new controller. So which one do you think wins here? I think XBOX One’s controllers are much better in looks, but in terms of features and the comfort level, we will have to wait till the consoles are available on the market.

Media & Online Capabilities – XBOX One Vs PS4

Microsoft has always given a lot of importance to the media and online capabilities of XBOX. The new XBOX One is no different. XBOX One has a lot of features which can make it the all in one media/online box of your living room. Now when combined the XBOX One’s features with its 2nd generation Kinect the features are unmatchable. You can talk to the XBOX literally to control your online presence. The fact that Microsoft has announced that their partnership with SKY will be carried over to the XBOX One, will make it more awesome. Think of saying XBOX One to “Play Game of Thrones”, the playback begins with in no time? Now Sony hasn’t revealed anything about their plans to beat XBOX One in this area, but hoping Sony would come up with something wouldn’t hurt.

When it comes to the Online gaming, both consoles have their own advantages. Sony has even added a share button to the DualShock 4 controller using which you can take a screenshot and share it online. Another feature Sony has introduced is the comments from your friends which will appear before you start a game. The downloadable contents will also be shown. Syncing your playstation account to facebook and using your real name on games are other features they have added.

While XBOX One’s social features are not as good as PS4, XBOX One still stands a chance against PS4. In XBOX One your social life is integrated into the TV viewing. You can search what’s trending on popular with your friends, join your friends and chat using skype on the sidebar. the Kinect plays an important part in here too. The expressions from your face can be used by the Kinect so that the TV producers can tailor shows based on your viewing experience. XBOX One has another great feature which will let you swap between gaming and TV instantly by using the voice or gesture controls.

Gaming – XBOX One Vs PS4

We cannot say much in here because the consoles haven’t released to the public yet. But its kind of obvious that both consoles will perform better than their old versions. One thing to note that here will be a lot of cross platform games available since Sony has ditched their old technology and now both the consoles are running on similar AMD processorss and GPUs.

Misc Features – XBOX One Vs PS4

There are a lot of points to be noted here. first of all both the consoles will not let you play the games from their old version consoles, ie PS3 and XBOX 360. But XBOX One has a feature by which you can plugin the XBOX 360 to the XBOX One and play XBOX 360 games using the XBOX 360 controller with the XBOX One interface.

Both consoles will let you play used games and will let you share your games with your friends. Another similarity is both XBOX One and PS4 will charge you money for online gaming. Sony used to offer this for free in the past, but not anymore. Although both are not free, there is an advantage for the PS$ online gamers as, the PlayStation Plus members will be able to download a few free games as a part of the package. Now I will say we have a clear draw in this section as of now. But we haven’t considered the Kinect and PS Eye.


XBOX One Kinect 2.0
XBOX One Kinect 2.0

The XBOX One is coming the 2nd generation of Kinect which has a lot of adavcned features when compared with the old Kinect. The new Kinect can track up to 6 people at the same time. The new Kinect can work at low light conditions and can detect whether you’re stressed orout of breath. It can also detect how much force your exerting, read your heart rate, and monitor your mood. If can also login you using he facial recognition. Another good thing about Kinect is, it comes with no additional cost if you buy XBOX One.

PS4 Eye:

PS4 Eye
PS4 Eye

PS4 Eye will come with 2 cameras at 1280×800 resolution which will help you to log in using facial recognition. It also comes with 4 mics for potential voice controls. But the Playstation Eye Camera costs $59 by which the game developers could easily be discouraged in making comatible games.

So comparing the kinect and eye, Kinect clearly wins here.
What do you think? Anyway the next part determines the winner, so head on the Pricing and Availability of XBOX One and Playstation 4.

Pricing and Availability – XBOX One Vs PS4

The XBOX One will launch with a price tag of $499 as Microsoft announced that they don’t have any plans to revisit the price last day. Now Sony will cost you a whopping $100 lesser compared to the XBOX One, but you have to consider that this price doesn’t include the Playstation Eye Camera. Is XBOX One worth it? you have to decide for yourself. But considering the features of the 2nd generation Kinect, I think that money is worth it. Sony is planning to launch the PS4 wit a price tag of $399. Although we cannot expect an exact release date, both consoles are believed to launch before the Christmas this year. Microsoft has recently confirmed that the XBOX One will be released by November 2013 and we expect Sony to follow Microsoft and release PS4 soon after the XBOX One launch.

Conclusion – XBOX One Vs PS4

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So finally XBOX One wins, at least for now. More info will be added to the post as we get more data on the specs and features of both the consoles. For the time being, any feedback would be really appreciated. We have tried very hard to keep this article unbiased, so if you think we have missed anything, please let us know.

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