Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Steps in Fast to Replace Samsung’s Note 7

It’s no doubt that Galaxy Note 7 is on its death bed. And sad enough for Samsung, other giant cell phone companies have just stepped in in time to fill the gap. Meet Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2, which has a resemblance not far away from Note 7’s.

Although it will be unveiled on November 1 in China, the excitement and anticipation can’t just be contained. No one wants to stomach another cell phone explosion from a Note 7’s doppelganger which is why all eyes are set on Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with the hope that it won’t be a letdown.

Incredible features

Just like the Note 7, this gadget comes with a bendable touchscreen and back, something’s that’s never been seen in any cell phone outside Samsung’s Galaxy series. It’s a 5.7” 2K OLED touch screen. Image and video wise, it packs a 22.56MP sensor from Sony. Not to mention the electronic image stabilization and hybrid autofocus. As for the front camera, expect an 8MP sensor.

Beneath its metallic frame lies a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, a 6GB RAM, and a 4070mAh battery.

Its top-tier model has a whopping 37 different 4G LTE bands meaning the phone can work almost anywhere on this planet.

Mi Note 2 is powered by Android which has been enhanced further by the phone’s custom MIUI 8 skin. It’s actually almost a custom for every cell phone coming out of China to pack its own skin. Some are pretty great and pack a ton of nifty features like Mi Note 2’s.

Another thing you will relish about this phone is that it’s lightweight and feels so good on your hands and wrist. Even on your face. Samsung’s Note 7 seemed quite heavier and comparing the two, it isn’t hard to guess which one makes for a better grip.

You have the option to pick either its black or silver model.  Aesthetically, the silver model is much more appealing.  What’s more, it comes with an infrared sensor. What this means is this: with this phone, you no longer need to keep your remote controls close, the phone can fill in the role.


Price wise, the phone is set to retail for 3,299 Yuan (roughly $487, €440). The special model that features extra 4G LTE bands will go for about 3,499 Yuan ($510, €470) while the cheaper model which comes with 4GB of RAM and a storage space of 64GB will sell at 2799Yuan ($410 €370)

Even with speculation that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 looks to be a china-only product, presence of the special model confirms otherwise. So for many who really wished to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but without the risk of battling fires, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has your wish covered.