Xiaomi MIUI now available for Nexus 7 WiFi Only version


Xiaomi has become one of the fastest growing companies in the smartphone market. Like all the major smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi also has a skin for Android and it is called MIUI. MIUI hasn’t made its debut in Tablets though. Considering Xiaomi is yet to launch a tablet it is only obvious that  they haven’t gave it any priority. But they have surprised every one by launching the MIUI beta for the 2013 edition Nexus 7 WiFi only variant. The company says this tablet version isn’t just a scaled up version of the already popular MIUI v5. They says it has a “brand new architecture” with content — including native apps, system menus and new screen animations — optimized for both screen orientations.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that any tablet vendors who might be interested in the ROM, can get in touch with the company for discussing about this. Anyway if you’re waiting until Xiaomi launches a tablet I am afraid you have to wait a long time considering there is nothin even on the rumor mills about their plans to launch a tablet.

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