Xiaomi’s Second wearable device comes only at $15

Xiaomi’s much awaited wearable device has been officially announced in the form of the Mi Band Pulse.

Earlier this year Canalys reported that after the company’s first wearable device Mi Band came under the spotlight, Xiaomi is the second biggest provider of wearable devices in the world, just behind Fitbit. Of course, this was before Apple provided a sale for their watch, by adding more functionality.

Mi Band Pulse came to the top because of its extra function; it not only tracks your steps, your sleep, and other notifications but also tracks your heart rate. This new addition to the device is the heart rate monitor using PPG. And because of this the upgraded version is bigger than the previous one. iPhone support was adopted a little bit late on the Mi Band, but Xiaomi’s website confirms that it will be compatible with iOS and Android.

The most important detail about the device is that it comes at only 99 CNY that is approximately around $15 at this time. The previous version of the Mi Band will be there for those who are going for the basic and the price for that is also low close to 69 CNY which is around $11.

Though the price really makes us excited and thrilled but it will be tough for Xiaomi lovers to hear that the wearable device will be on sale but only in China initially as a part of the country’s 11/11 Singles Day online shopping festival.

Although Xiaomi stated that they cannot comment anything on the international sales but they are expecting that this new device will be available outside China soon as it available through the Xiaomi’s global store in India, Europe and the U.S. as well.

We bought a Mi Band to experience it, and test it as a fitness tracker as I want to take it seriously and I think with the addition of heart-rate tracker it will be great although we have not tested the device yet.

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