Your gaming experience may change a little bit as Sony unlocks PlayStation 4’s Seventh Core

Every game knows that Sony’s PlayStation is one of the best gaming consoles in the market, and its new version, PlayStation 4 is the proof of that. But Sony just made the PlayStation 4 even stronger. The PlayStation 4 uses an eight-core CPU, till some days ago developers could only use six of them which leave the other two run the Operating System. But Sony’s current addition to their PlayStation 4 is that they unlocked another core, the seventh core or at least some portion of it.

Sony has not officially confirmed about their move, not yet; but the developers are already taking the benefit of the seventh core. For an example, Firelight Technologies who are the developer of audio middleware has released a newer version of their sound effects engine named FMOD.

Eurogamer spotted that the changelog particularly mentions the seventh core – “PlayStation 4 added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 which allows access to the recently unlocked seventh core.”

Every platform out there uses FMOD, like PlayStation 2, 3, 4, Vita and Portable, Xbox, Android, Windows, Linux and others. It was used in many famous game engines like Unreal Engine, Source etc and others. In a way, we can say that Firelight Technologies really know how to optimize their audio engine for all types of platforms.

At the beginning of this year Microsoft did the similar thing, they unlocked the seventh core of the Xbox One.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were using these cores for some other systems assignments, like Voice Commands. But it seems that the developers will have to divide core to do some other works.

So If you are a proud owner of a PlayStation 4, it means that all the different games you have played before, they were only able to use Six Cores of the machine, because they were designed to run on six cores, but they would not be able to take the benefits of this new unlocked core without a specific patch. Bit Sony is not that much enthusiastic to work to update the previous games as they run smoothly on Six cores.

As far as the new games go, they will be designed to take advantage of the new unlocked core, if they are at the starting phase of the development. Game Engine designers will upgrade their engines to use this seventh core.

But it is our duty to notify you that GPU power is much more important than CPU power in case of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So you can say that this upgrade is not something really big, but still you should appreciate it as games might run a little smoother.


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