ZTE planning a bigger and better Firefox OS phone for the US next year


ZTE is one of a few companies taking a chance with Firefox OS and it would appear that next year the company is stepping up their interest with a second Firefox OS handset. ZTE’s Executive VP He Shiyou was speaking with IDG’s Michael Kan at Expo Comm China 2013 and said that he expects the device to land in the first half of 2014 with a larger display than it’s predecessor, a dual core processor, a “revamped user experience” and a low price tag.

He Shiyou added that with around 100,000 units of the ZTE Open being sold, the device “has exceeded supply” and said that he anticipates double that figure in total sales.

ZTE deliberately manufactured the ZTE Open on a smaller scale, but the company is optimistic about future adoption of Firefox OS. Shiyou believes that HTML5-based apps will become more relevant as  network technology, such as LTE, will reduce reliance on native software, stating: “In the future, the app store business model will be no more.”

Source – Engadget


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